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This looks like such a blast and super easy to rig up!All you need is some good squirt guns like these and some kind of container attached to string that you can push along with water! Create an obstacle course with all kinds of challenges for the family to complete!Once you have some good ones, why not do a whole competition for the family and see who can get an airplane to fly the furthest?! Getting a little silly and embarrassing yourself in front of everyone is one of the best ways to have fun and make memories.PLUS, the Divas have you covered with printable Win it in a Minute Games for almost any holiday or occasion!For a special family dinner, have the kids work together to decorate a tablecloth. This family tradition sounds like a fun must-have for anyone’s family reunions! You can ship it to other addresses, so that’s less work for you!

You might be surprised to see who ends up being the winner!Check out our family photography round-up for inspiration, then have each immediate family take their own picture using the timer on their cameras, then put together a slide show of all the pictures for everyone to enjoy OR all of your family pictures could be a candid shot instead of the normal point, smile, and shoot pics that are tradition!When you plan your reunion, you have to include this activity.Hang donuts on a string, tie the participant’s hands behind their back, and see who can eat their donut the fastest.

For large groups, you can split this into different age groups, or pick an individual to represent each family. book about how to make paper airplanes and let the kids go at it! Don’t forget some comfy blankets, popcorn, treats, and more! You could even turn it into a fun slumber party and sleep under the stars! If you want some good laughs, plan some minute to win it challenges like the snack toss and face the cookie or junk in the trunk!Summertime is one of my most favorite times because it’s a great excuse to get together with your family. That’s why we gathered the most unique and fun activities to help you plan your next family reunion.