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11-Jul-2017 22:58

Just think, are liars and creeps going to go “oh, I guess I’d better not email this one, she doesn’t like liars and creeps”? The negativity is just an equal opportunity repellent. “I like Fifty Shades of Grey, Star Wars, travel, beer, shopping, frisbee golf, coffee, friends, nice guys, jewelry, Christmas, dolphins, sunsets, flowers, sunrises, The Notebook, food, sports, Modern Family, green tea, motorcycles, sun dresses, Dexter, Despicable Me, photography, Ernest Hemingway, blah blah blah” Maybe you’ll get lucky and he’ll pick out one or two things on the list and write you a message that says “OMG I ALSO LOVE JEWELRY AND SUNBATHING!! It’s hard to relate to a list and easier to just skim over it.

Aim to get as many emails as you can with a positive, inviting, upbeat profile. While you should be mentioning your interests, it’s better to tell the reader a story about you.

Who you are, what you like, the place you’re at in your life and why you want a mate. When you see one of those dumb ads where you can’t figure out what they’re advertising, how does that strike you? Your mission is to get lots of emails from cute, sweet guys who have minimal hang-ups and like the same stuff as you.

Do you go out of your way to figure out what the ad means or do you just move on? These guys aren’t going to come back to your profile later to see if it’s still under construction.

Something like: “I really enjoyed traveling to Madrid last summer with several good friends.

We visited a fun beer hall called Naturbier which has beer taps at each table.

I’ve tried both, and had mixed responses from the first approach.

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Neither is mentioning that you dislike cheaters, games, drama, man children, bullshit, heartbreak, blondes, liars, meatheads, bar flies, jocks, pictures of penises, brunettes, assholes, goths, creeps, losers, chubby guys, Jersey Shore extras, skinny guys, commitment phobes, and/or sex addicts.

Do not criticize, call the guy a creep or even say anything if it’s really bad. There is no sooner way to disappoint yourself and a total stranger than to be unsure of what you’re doing. Have you had more success after editing your online dating profile? MORE: Ladies, Listen Up: Your Worst Online Dating Mistakes (According to Men) Elizabeth Stone is the founder of Attract The One.

Do not be offended by the way he approached you or mention that you’d like him to say more than just “hi”. If you’re hung up on someone else, have recently broken up or are half-in, half-out of a relationship, step away from the computer. If you want more real secrets to online dating, you’ve got to check out this video by Michael Fiore. Her popular program Ex Attraction Formula, has helped hundreds of women reunite with their men.

You weed out the wrong guys by taking a look at who emails, reading what they say and judging how THEY come off.

Writing out a laundry list of undesirable traits makes you look bitter, shallow and mean to the same guys you’re trying to attract.

If you aren’t attracting the guys you want, it’s often written in plain sight on your profile.