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Funk agreed to publish the encyclopedia on the condition that it remain unbiased on issues which might seem unfavorable for Jews.Singer accepted and was established in an office at Funk & Wagnalls on .Publication of the prospectus in 1898 created a severe backlash, including accusations of poor scholarship and of subservience to Christians.Kaufmann Kohler and Gotthard Deutsch, writing in American Hebrew, highlighted Singer’s factual errors, and accused him of commercialism and irreligiosity.The board naturally faced many difficult editorial questions and disagreements.Singer wanted specific entries for every Jewish community in the world, with detailed information about, for example, the name and dates of the first Jewish settler in Prague.

(Soon after work started, Moore withdrew and was replaced by Baptist minister Crawford Toy.) Last was added the elderly Marcus Jastrow, mostly for his symbolic imprimatur as America's leading Talmudist.In the 20th century, the movement's members dispersed to Jewish Studies departments in the United States and Israel. This particular scholarly style can be seen in the Jewish Encyclopedia's almost obsessive attention to manuscript discovery, manuscript editing and publication, manuscript comparison, manuscript dating, and so on; these endeavors were among the foremost interests of Wissenschaft scholarship.