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Some of these stones are decorated with reliefs of animals that once lived in the area.This area known as Enclosure D features birds, while others emphasize animals such as snakes, foxes, boars, or wildcats.The fill is refuse containing sediment, hundreds of thousands of broken animal bones, flint tools for carving the structures within the site and for hunting game, and the remains of cereals and other plant material, and even a few human bones.There is no evidence that the site was ever used as a residence, and the megaliths found there (Schmidt called them “monumental religious architecture”) along with carvings and totems, imply ritual and feasting.But this is a far cry from Hancock’s proposal that the site is a link to his lost civilization.

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When Shermer pressed him to explain what he means by “advanced” Hancock replied: “I am saying that a group of people settled amongst the hunter-gatherers and transferred some skills for them.” When I came into the debate later and pushed him on this same issue of how an allegedly advanced civilization could lack all the features of other such societies, such as metallurgy, he demurred: “I do not make that claim.

The site, he says, was used from 11,600 to about 10,000 years before the present.

Lower sections were backfilled giving way to new structures on top.

I am reporting that this claim is made in the Book of Enoch.” It is true that in his book Hancock discusses the secrets of metals in the context of discussing the Book of Enoch, but the entire chapter is in support of evidence that a lost civilization had superior knowledge that included the secrets of metal working.

Such details are important because it gives us a glimpse into how Hancock infers one thing when it is convenient in making his point, but then shifts to claiming he is only reporting what other people say when the implications stretch our credulity.Not only is clay pottery absent, the site contans no evidence of any metal or metal workings.

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