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The information presented at the meeting triggered a new surge of interest in the subject, with one of the major results being integration of biomedical and bioarchaeological information on mummies with existing databases.

This was not possible prior to the Congress due to the unique and highly specialized techniques required to gather such data.

Egyptians saw the preservation of the body after death as an important step to living well in the afterlife.

Mummies are typically divided into one of two distinct categories: anthropogenic or spontaneous.

Anthropogenic mummies were deliberately created by the living for any number of reasons, the most common being for religious purposes.

British chemist Alfred Lucas applied chemical analyses to Egyptian mummies during this same period, which returned many results about the types of substances used in embalming.

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Lucas also made significant contributions to the analysis of Tutankhamun in 1922.The majority of the papyri that have survived only describe the ceremonial rituals involved in embalming, not the actual surgical processes involved.

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