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10-Dec-2017 20:41

To prevent you tweet from appearing in the company’s feed, uncheck the box next to Display the post publicly on Jumbo Tweet stream.Pasted is a great way to share any extended content with a lot of people online; it’s not Twitter-specific.If you’re not one of the lucky few who can now use 280 characters, don’t worry.

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You can write as much text as you like, and a link to your extended text will be included in your tweet. Once you’ve authenticated the app, you’ll be redirected back to the message screen.If you select tweetstorm, you can see a live preview of how your tweets will look at the bottom of the page.Unfortunately, there’s no preview available for text shots. The app does have one drawback – it’s impossible to edit the cut-off points in a tweetstorm.When you’re ready, click Submit, and you’ll get a link to share with other people.

Sadly, you cannot send the link to Twitter directly from the web app. It uses the “attached picture” method we’ve spoken about elsewhere in the article.Go ahead and write your message, but before you post it, make sure you pay attention to the settings at the bottom of the page.