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Book your Highland adventure now and get to know the powers of Askja. Various highlands paths lie between the glaciers, open for cars around June/July.

One of the major ones are Kjölur, connecting south and north Iceland (the road is located between Hofsjökull and Langjökull).

The northwest and central-north Highlands consist of ancient basalt formations and it is the same for the mountains of the Eastfjords.

There are a few oases in the highlands that have unique vegetation and wildlife.

There are two cabins, accommodating 60 people in all.● The tour includes a fair amount of walking so warm clothes and good shoes are recommended.● Due to weather and/or road conditions, we may have to alter the itinerary, increase the journey time or cancel the tour.● During the tour we break for refreshments at a café, the stop is however quite late on the tour.

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Kaldidalur is a highland path stretching west of Langjökull, from Þingvellir towards the Borgarfjörður district. Remember always that the natural environment that makes up Iceland's Highlands is as delicate as it is enchanting.This impressive mountain, 1682 m high, is often called 'the queen of Icelandic mountains' and was voted the Icelandic 'national mountain' in a 2002 poll.