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The sectionals ends with Nikki going to the nationals and Casey becoming the runner-up.

Gen's brother, Teddy (Trevor Blumas), gives Casey flowers to congratulate her, and they kiss.

While watching a figure skating competition with her mathematically inclined friend Ann, Casey realizes that her favorite childhood hobby, ice skating, would make a perfect project.

She decides to try to improve her own skating by applying physics and what she has discovered from watching other skaters.

Todd Gilchrist of IGN questioned the speed at which Casey becomes adept at skating and pointed out some other improbabilities and clichés, but strongly praised Cusack’s and Cattrall’s performances as emotionally powerful and fully human.

The Ice Princess Original Soundtrack was released on March 15, 2005 in the United States by label Walt Disney Records, features tracks by Natasha Bedingfield, Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, Michelle Branch, Aly & AJ, Jesse Mc Cartney, and Raven-Symoné, and various other artists.

The film focuses on Casey Carlyle, a normal teenager who gives up a promising future academic life in order to pursue her new-found dream of being a professional figure skater. Ice Princess had an unsuccessful performance at the box office, grossing million in the United States during its theatrical run against a production budget of million.To her surprise, she discovers that her mother is in the audience.