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Their loose inimical slopes flout the tolerance of the angle of repose.

Rising straight up out of the megalopolis, they stand ten thousand feet above the nearby sea, and they are not kidding with this city.

Kimberlee Genofile called to her mother, who joined her in Scott’s room as they looked up the street. As the young Genofiles and their mother glimpsed it in the all but total darkness, the scene was suddenly illuminated by a blue electrical flash.

From its high turnaround, Pine Cone Road plunges downhill like a ski run, bending left and then right and then left and then right in steep christiania turns for half a mile above a three-hundred-foot straightaway that aims directly at the Genofiles’ house. In the blue light they saw a massive blackness, moving.

It was just one big black hill coming toward us.”In geology, it would be known as a debris flow.

Debris flows amass in stream valleys and more or less resemble fresh concrete.

It got into a greenhouse two hundred feet long and smashed out the southern wall, taking bougainvillea and hibiscus with it.

Arby’s, below Foothill, blamed the nursery for damages, citing the hibiscus that had come with the rocks.

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The creek, like every component of all the river systems across the city from mountains to ocean, had not been left to nature. On a night like this, the boulders should have been running. Los Angeles is overmatched on one side by the Pacific Ocean and on the other by very high mountains.They consist of water mixed with a good deal of solid material, most of which is above sand size. Boulders bigger than cars ride long distances in debris flows.

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