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06-Jun-2017 10:38

By 2035 the majority of people will own sex toys that interact with virtual reality sex.'Sexbots' will start to appear in high-income, very wealthy households as soon as 2025.

Sex with robots will be more popular than human-human sex in 2050.

Aside from robot-relationships, the report had several other predictions for the future.

The data suggests that men in the UK, men are also more likely than women to prefer their social media lives to their real ones, with nearly 20 per cent preferring the virtual world of social media.

The above command will show all of the files and folders below the home directory such as Pictures, Music, Videos, Downloads, and Documents.

By default, the output for the file listing is across the screen in columns.

Love and the act of sex is set to become increasingly separate, with relationships increasingly becoming based on more than just sex.

Nigel Hughes, board director at Havas PR, said: 'Filters and AR can, on the face of it, help improve people's perceptions of the world around them, yet our study reveals that nearly half (42 per cent) of 18-34 years olds felt unhappy about their own lives after comparing themselves to others on social media.'That's compared to only 21 per cent of 35-54 year olds saying the same, suggesting we are not equipping young people with the emotional framework needed to process this virtual reality.'Another area of tension is the fact that 40 per cent of people aged between 18 and 34 are concerned that robots will take their jobs.

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The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation says it has “particular nutritional benefits”, with a protein profile that may make it more suitable for those allergic to cow’s milk.By default the files and folders will be listed in columns across the screen and all you will see is the filename. The single full stop stands for current folder and the double full stop stands for one level up.