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People always raise their eyebrows and say, “well, you’re clearly in love with him.” You’re right, I am 100% in love with him. Or, it’s because I know that dating him would drive me up the fucking wall. My anxious type A personality would drive him insane, and his ability to over analyze EVERYTHING would make me push him off of something tall.He’s wonderfully imperfect, and as his friend I find all of it charming. Old co-workers have always hinted at how they thought we would have gotten together, little pushes towards how we should at give it a try. We share life plans, big ideas, broken hearts, and the grand adventures we both want to explore. I trust him with my brain, my heart, my friendship… And to kick off the holiday season, we’re also re-releasing three tantalizing holiday novellas from amazing authors: Play with Me, a warm and enticing Thanksgiving romance from Lisa Renee Jones; Snowfall, a moving Christmas tale from Mary Ann Rivers; and After Midnight, an explosive New Year’s story from Serena Bell.

I turned to my dad and said, “This is a cool sport! I have found this business to be a lot about chance.And we also have an exciting debut from Renita Pizzitola, Just a Little Crush, an emotional novel of heartache and seduction, where a college freshman’s little crush could prove to be a huge mistake or the first step to forever. A lot of my time on this blog has been spent complaining about men. We write letters to each other and I find joy in psychoanalyzing him.If there are, we'll make the subsequent call to see what promotions will be applied if the customer makes a purchase.

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He supported me when I decided to stop being a lawyer so I could become a romance author, and he’s been my biggest cheerleader ever since.