Scorpio dating taurus

15-Oct-2017 16:37

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The Libra man will think that what the Scorpio woman is doing is passionate because he’s so unfamiliar with his feelings, so there’s a nice little complicity here.

She will have him believing that her breasts heave and her heart beats only for him.

But they were ahead of their time...way, way ahead. I look at the pomp and circumstance of the political system we have now and see the waste and the disorganization and redundancy and abuse of power and all that. Your first born child may have an opportunity for some really healthy advancement this month. This level of intensity is a bit hard to take over time. This isnt going to be the norm and most of you, if this energy carries the romantic route, will be in some type of amour like you have never felt before and will never feel again. You need to pay attention to your dreams, visions and fantasies.

All of the signs are happy when they are Home and we will reap some amount of benefit from this energy change. Don't know how many passionate relationships you have ever been involved in, but usually they aren't the norm. Where what they say you just intrinsically understand and want to crawl up through their eye sockets into their head and feel the feels. Then all the sudden you are in the middle of some kind of thing you want nothing to do with and would never have fathomed might happen. This kind of flame is hard to keep alit for long duration. This might have something to do with government contracts or any other kind.

As they begin to put pieces together in the puzzle, a beautiful picture emerges. Scorpio will introduce the emotional element in sex to the more-or-less virgin Libran territory.

He will become increasingly excited as he begins to explore new territory.

You have four very major planets in residence here this year. If you haven't done any foreign travel, even for a vacation, this is the only way you are likely to see some of the things the Universe wants you to see. Figure it out on a daily basis during the years you can live legitimately like that. A more negative portent is that this is a year of extreme power being wielded over some of your lives. If you are not the angry sort, this might be the time to exude a bit of passion.

Same goes for those who are playing this out with university. Or you may want to pursue knowledge for a personal or spiritual reason. If you are in a bad country, then obviously this is very self explanatory. If you are the opposite and live life "balls out" as they say, you might want to chill a bit to avoid making a costly mistake.

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Somehow in the process, she impresses him with her perceptiveness regarding everyone else but herself, and her instincts for power interest him greatly.

The Libra man will think they are best friends and it’s just as well kept that way.

The fact that Scorpio is in it for what she can get will be just our little secret.

You have a lot of power very high up in your chart. Use this anger and channel it into something productive.

And I will applaud their new king for all he is doing to assist women, like finally letting them drive. I don't know why it is the way it is, but the world is getting a bit small for the despots in the world to keep up their brutality. And combined with the romance of Christmas and New Years, I think you are going to have a very good time. Diversification is key according to most schools of thought. No worries though because you and all earth signs have Saturn now on their side.

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