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I think when wanting to be ally of disenfranchised/marginalized people one of the best things you can do is listen to them when they talk and educate yourself on their experiences through them.

This involves checking your privilege and recognizing the role it plays in relation to marginalized people. Seek out information and get involved in causes that seek to represent marginalized voices and call out/end racism, discrimination, systematic oppression, etc.

The invasion led to hours of pitched gun battles in the streets and killed at least 550 people.

A police chief was beheaded, 21 people killed and a Catholic priest taken hostage when more than 100 fighters stormed the city.

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge has made it a priority to raise awareness of domestic violence, sexual assault and dating violence and provide several resources to educate and assist Arkansans on this pressing issue.

Laura’s Card is a resource card for law enforcement agencies, service providers and victims that includes victims' rights, crisis lines, contacts for shelters and law enforcement and other information.

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Members of the Maute Islamist group overran Marawi on Mindanao Island, in the south of the Philippines, in May.Attorney General Rutledge hosted a Youth Summit in March 2016 in Alma with more than 2,100 junior high and high school students to help them understand the dangers and consequences of dating violence and how to have healthy relationships.Partners with the Attorney General’s office in hosting the event were the Arkansas Activities Association, Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Arkansas Coalition Against Sexual Assault and the Child Advocacy Centers of Arkansas.The Attorney General's office has supplied cards to all 75 county sheriffs’ offices and hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the State.

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Lauras gov includes crisis hotline numbers, contact information for Arkansas shelters, related Arkansas laws and numerous resources for victims of domestic violence and other violent crimes.

Philippine President Benigno Aquino personally entered the debate last week.

Also müssen sie sich mit den weißen Frauen begnügen, die sie sich leisten können: also die mit leichtem Übergewicht und leichtem Selbstbewußtseinsproblem.… continue reading »

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