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08-Nov-2017 14:09

Read more about the meaning and story behind his cherub tattoo…read more In early April 2014, while Justin Bieber was in Miami, Florida celebrating fellow pop star Austin Mahone’s 18th birthday, the singer visited Ink City Tattoos and got a brand-new “Patience” tattoo.Justin’s tattoo is located on the right side of his neck, just below his ear, and features the word “Patience” inked vertically down his neck in a black Gothic-style font.Read more about the meaning and story behind his right wrist diamond tattoo…read more Justin Bieber announced in October 2013 that he had found a “new hobby” in graffiti, and in March 2014, he went under the needle for a tattoo tribute to famed urban street artist Banksy.Justin’s Banksy tattoo marks number 31 for the singer, and features the artist’s iconic “Balloon Girl” image inked in black and gray on the outside of his right forearm.During a performance in Bologna, Italy on November 19, 2016, Justin Bieber lifted up his shirt and treated concert-goers to a glimpse of a new tattoo on his abdomen reading “Son of God.” Justin has several tattoos inspired by his faith in God, but this Son of God tattoo on his abdomen is one of his largest!Justin Bieber broke all the rules when, in May 2016, he hit up a tattoo shop in New York City and got a tiny cross tattoo inked below his left eye.All of these new tattoos in Justin’s sleeve appear to be inspired by graffiti artwork, which the pop star obviously has an appreciation for, and which he recently called a new hobby of his.

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Then came the tattoos…Justin Bieber surprised us on all October 21, 2017, when he took to Instagram to show off some extensive new ink on his torso, extending from the older cross, bear and lion tats on his chest, all the way down to his waist.Read more about the meaning and story behind his Banksy tattoo…read more Shortly after we spotted the large cross tattoo in the center of his chest, a shirtless Justin Bieber was out partying it up at a club in Atlanta on February 5, 2014, and we caught a glimpse of another new tattoo on his hip reading “Forgive.” Justin’s “Forgive” tattoo is inked in black on his right hip and seems to play into the idea that the singer isn’t such a bad guy after all, along with his giant cross chest tattoo and “Love” tattoo on his arm – inked within weeks of one another.

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