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Their self-titled debut album was the biggest selling album in the world in 1982 and monopolized the Number 1 slot in the Billboard charts for 9 weeks.The album is still in the top 3 Geffen sales of all time, with Guns ’n’ Roses and Whitesnake!For more information please contact [email protected] call 08 in the UK; in the US and other markets please contact [email protected] call 585-454-2756.See also hurricane Sandy proceeds up the east coast of the US and several areas are placed under warning status, ASIA recommends that fans check with promoters regarding venues within the hurricane area.

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John Wetton said, “ASIA is ready to take its next steps along this remarkable road.John Wetton to guest with District 97 in May 2013 District 97 is undoubtedly the most musically adventurous rock band in the world to feature an American Idol Top 10 Female Finalist.The band now comes to Europe for the first time touring behind their second opus, .The reunited band has played over 300 shows and released three new studio albums, three DVDs and a number of live albums.

The track ‘An Extraordinary Life’, from 2008’s album ‘Phoenix’ was chosen as the theme music for America’s Got Talent. With a new guitarist in place, Sweden Rock confirmed and more high profile live dates to come, plus a new album slated for release, the ASIA trajectory continues: onward and upwards!

The track "The Perfect Young Man" features a guest vocal appearance by legendary Progressive Rock icon, John Wetton (KING CRIMSON/ASIA/UK ).

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for number of times次数 frequency/number of times欢迎 to welcome欣赏 to appreciate/enjoy欧洲 Europe欺负 to bully款式 pattern/style/design止 to stop/prohibit/suspend 正义 justice/righteousness正好 happen to/chance to/is it happens正如 to be just like正宗 authentic/genuine/"old school"正常 normal/regular正式 formal正方形 square正确 correct; accurate此路不通 this road is blocked/method doesn't work步子 step/pace武器 weapon武断 arbitrary/subjective/dogmatic武术 martial arts歧义 ambiguity/several possible meanings歪曲 to distort/misrepresent死 to die死刑 death penalty死记硬背 to learn by rote / to mechanically memorize残忍 cruel/mean残疾 disabled/handicapped殖民主义 colonialism殖民地 colony段 section段 section/part母亲 mother母校 alma mater每 every/each每当 every time/whenever毒品 drugs / narcotics 比喻 metaphor/analogy/figure of speech比如 for instance/for example比方说 suppose/let us say比赛 to compete/match比较 comparatively/compared to/to compare毕业 to graduate毕竟 after all/all in all/when all is said and done毛 0.1 yuan (informal)/hair/feather毛主席 Chairman Mao毛毯 blanket毛泽东 Mao Zedong毛病 bad habit/defect毛笔 writing brush毛衣 sweater民主 democracy民乐 folk music民族 nationality/ethnicity民间 folk/popular/of the common people气候 climate气味 odor/scent气温 air temperature气质 temperament/disposition氛围 ambiance/atmosphere水 water水平 level水平座 Aquarius (zodiac)水库 reservoir水晶 crystal水果 fruit水灾 flood水电费 utility bill水管工 plumber水龙头 faucet永恒 eternal/everlasting永远 forever求饶 to beg for forgiveness汇合 to converge/join汇率 exchange rate汉堡 hamburger汉字 Chinese character汉语 Chinese 江 river江南 areas south of the lower Yangtze River池塘 pool/pond污染 pollution污渍 stain汤 soup汽水 soda汽车 car/vehicle沃尔玛 Wal-Mart沈阳 Shenyang沉溺 to be addicted to..(行为..)沉默 silent/uncommunicative沏 to brew (tea)沙发 sofa (条,张)沙子 sand沙滩 beach沙漠 desert沙特阿拉伯 Saudi Arabia沟通 to communicate没关系 nevermind/it doesn't matter没意思 it's boring没有必要 it's not necessary to/there's no need to河 river河流 river油 oil油漆 to paint/paint油画 oil painting油腻 oily治理 to govern/administer/manage/control治疗 to treat/cure/a medical treatment/cure沿海 coastal泄漏 to leak法则 law/rule/code法庭 court法案 bill/proposed law法西斯 fascist泡 to brew/steep/soak泡妞 to pick up girls泡沫 bubble波士顿 Boston泥土 earth / soil / mud / clay注册 to register/enroll注意 to pay attention to泰国 Thailand泸沽湖 Lugu Lake泼妇 a bad-tempered, aggressive woman洋葱 onion洋鬼子 foreign devil 洗 to wash洗发露 shampoo洗浴 bath洗澡 to bathe洗牌 to shuffle the cards洛杉矶 Los Angeles洞 cave洪水 flood活儿 life; job活动 to move about/activity活泼 lively/vivacious/brisk/active派 clique; to send派出所 police substation流传 to spread流利 fluent流动人口 floating population流氓 hoodlum/gangster流浪 to wander/roam/nomadic流畅 well-flowing (of speech, writing) 流行 popular/fashionable流露 to express/reveal (thoughts,etc)流鼻涕 runny nose浅 shallow浅薄 superficial浇 to water测量 to measure/gauge/determine测量/测绘 surveying浏览 to skim over/browse浓 strong/dense/concentrated (tea, coffee..)浙江 Zhejiang浪漫 romantic浪费 to waste/squander浮 to float浴池 public bath海 sea/large inland lake海关 customs/customhouse海军 navy海南岛 Hainan Island海啸 tsunami海岸 coast/shore海归 returnee (from studying abroad)海拔 altitude/elevation海洋 ocean海滩 beach海绵 sponge海豚 dolphin海运 sea transportation/ocean shipping海鲜 seafood涂 to spread on/apply涂鸦 graffiti消失 to disappear/face away消息 news/information消磨 to idle/wile away/kill (time)消费 to consume消防站 fire station消除 to eliminate / to remove涉世未深 inexperienced/unsophisticated (world affairs)涉及 to involve/touch upon润滑油 lubricant涮 to boil think slices of meat涮羊肉 sliced boiled lamb液体 liquid/fluid淘汰 to eliminate淡 bland淡季 low season深 deep深圳 Shenzhen深奥 profound深度 depth深知 to be fully aware/to know well混合 to mix/blend/a mix/hybrid混蛋 asshole/bastard混血 mixed-blood person添 to add清单 list清楚 clear清洁工 cleaner/janitor清洗 to clean清淡 light清真寺 mosque清秀 delicate and pretty渡船 ferry温室 greenhouse温家宝 Wen Jiabao温柔 gentle/tender温泉 hot springs温馨 cozy/warm/comfortable渴 thirsty游手好闲 idle about/loaf about游泳 to swim游玩 to amuse oneself/have fun/go sightseeing游行 parade/march游行距离 travel distance游览 to go sightseeing/tour渺小 tiny/negligible/insignificant渺茫 uncertain/vague/indistinct湖 lake湿 wet湿润 moist源于 has its origins in溜冰 ice skating溪 stream滋润 comfortably/well off滑雪 to ski / skiing满 full; complete满意 satisfied满月 full moon满足 to satisfy/meet the needs of满载 fully loaded/loaded to capacity滴 to drip/a drop漂亮 pretty/beautiful演 to perform/play演出 performance演员 actor/actress/performer演奏 to perform (instrumental)演讲 a lecture/to make a speech漫步 to wander/ramble潇洒 debonair/casually sophisticated潜在 hidden/potential/latent潜意识 subconscious/sub consciousness潦草 careless/slovenly/illegible (handwriting)潮流 trend/"in" thing/current/tide潮湿 humid澄清 clear (liquid)/to clarify/be clear澜沧江 Mekong River澳大利亚 Australia澳门 Macao激发 to arouse/excite激情 passion/strong emotion激烈 intense (competitions, wars, actions)瀑布 waterfall火 fire/heat火车 train火锅 hot pot灯 lamp灯泡 light bulb灰 grey灵感 inspiration/insight/creativity灵敏 sensitive/keen/sharp灵活 flexible / nimble / agile灵活 flexible/nimble/agile灵魂 soul/spirit灶 stove (kitchen)灾区 disaster area/stricken region灾难 disaster炒 to stir-fry炒股 to speculate on stocks炸 to deep fry点心 light refreshments/pastries/dim sum点种 o'clock烂 soft/mushy/rotten烈酒 liquor烘 to heat by the fire烟花 fireworks烤鸭 roast duck烧 to burn烧 to cook/bake/stew/roast/burn烧毁 to burn down烧麦 conical dumplings烩饭 braised rice烫 hot/scalding热 hot热带 the tropics/torrid zone热心 enthusiastic热情 warm/warmhearted/enthusiastic热门 popular/hot/in vogue热闹 lively/bustling焦点 focus/focal point焰火 fireworks然后 then/after that然而 however/yet/but煎 to pan fry/sauté 煤 coal照片 photograph照相 to take a picture照相机 camera照顾 to look after煮 to boil熄 to put out (fire, light, etc)熊 bear熟悉 to be familiar with熟练 skilled/skillful/practiced/proficient熬夜 to stay up late/stay up all night燃气 natural gas爆 to quick-fry爆炸 explosion/to explode/blow up爬 to climb爱 to love爱人 husband or wife/spouse/lover爱好 hobby/to like爱好者 lover (of arts, sports, etc)/enthusiast爱尔兰 Ireland爱情 love爱慕 to adore/admire爱抚 to caress/fondle/affectionate父亲 father父母 father and mother/parents爷爷 grandfather (father's side)爸爸 dad爽约 to miss an appt/stand smn up片剂 tablet/pill版 version版本 version (of a story, etc)牌子 brand牙 tooth牙刷 toothbrush (把)牙膏 toothpaste (管)牙齿 teeth牛仔裤 jeans (条)牛奶 milk牛津大学 Oxford University牢固 firm/secure物 thing物业 property management物价 commodity prices物流 logistics物理 physics物质 matter/substance/material/materialistic物质主义 materialism牵手 to hold hands (romantic)特别 extraordinary/especially/particularly特定 special/specific/designated/particular特殊事件 special occasion特点 characteristic/feature特色 characteristic/distinguishing feature犯人 criminal犯罪 crime状态 state of affairs/state/mode犹太人 Jew/Jewish犹豫 to hesitate狗 dog独到 original独特 unique/distinct独生子女政策 the one child policy独立 independent狭义上讲 specifically speaking…狭窄 narrow (streets)狭隘 narrow 狮子 lion狼 wolf狼狈 in trouble/in dire straits猛 fierce/violent猜 to guess猜想 to guess/suppose/suspect猪 pig猫咪 kitty王八蛋 bastard/son of a bitch玩 to have fun/play玩具 toy玩弄 to play with/engage in/resort to/dally with玫瑰花 rose环境 environment现在 now现实 reality现象 phenomenon现金 cash玻璃 glass珍惜 to cherish/value/treasure珍珠奶茶 pearl milk tea珍贵 valuable/precious珠宝 jewel/pearl珠穆朗玛峰 Mount Everest球 ball理由 reason/grounds/justification理解 to comprehend/understand理论 theory瑜伽 yoga瑞典 Sweden瑞士 Switzerland瓦 roof tile瓶 bottle瓷器 chinaware甘肃 Gansu甘蔗 sugarcane甚至 even/so much so that甜 sweet甜食 desserts生产 manufacture; to produce生动 vivid/lively生命科学 life sciences生存 to survive生态学 ecology生日 birthday生气 to get angry/take offense生活 life/to live生活水平 living standards生涯 career生火 to make a fire生物学 biology生疏 out of practice/rusty/unfamiliar生病 to fall ill生肖 12 animals of the Terrestrial Branches生词 new word用 to use用具 appliance/utensil用处 usefulness/utility用法 usage用语 choice of words/wording甩掉 to throw off/abandon/get rid of/dump田埂 embankment/footpath between fields田径 track and field由 by由于 due to/as a result of/thanks to/owing to由来 origin申请 to apply for sth电 electricity电击 to click/press (on a computer, etc)电子表格 spreadsheet电影 movie电影院 movie theater电梯 elevator电池 battery电灯 electric light电脑 computer电视 TV电话 telephone/phone call电风扇 electric fan男 male画 to paint画儿 painting画家 artist画廊 gallery畅 free/free from worry/unimpeded留 to leave a message; to leave behind留学生 foreign student留念 to take as a parting gift番茄 tomato疏忽 to neglect/overlook/negligence疗养 to heal/recuperate/get well疯癫 insane / crazy疲劳 fatigue/weary疼 painful病 illness/to get sick病人 patient/sick person病毒 virus症状 symptoms痒痒 to tickle/itch痛快 happy; delighted瘦 thin癌症 cancer登 to publish (an essay, article, etc)登山 to climb a mountain/climbing/mountaineering登录 to login/sign in登记 to register/check in白 white白兰瓜 honeydew melon白领 white collar百 hundred的确 really/indeed皇后 empress皇宫 palace皇帝 emperor皈依 to convert to (a religion)皮带 belt皮肤 skin/complexion (种)皮革 leather皱纹 wrinkle盆 pot盆景 miniature trees/bonsai盈利 profit/gain益友 helpful friend/wise companion盐 salt监狱 prison盒子 box盖 to build盗版 pirated (software, etc)盘子 plate盛行 to be in fashion目前 current; currently目录 catalogue/list目标 goal/target/objective 目标市场 target market目的 goal/purpose/aim/target/objective目的地 destitution盯 to stare at盲人 blind person直尺 ruler直接 direct/immediate/nonstop (flight)直爽 straightforward/direct直言 to speak bluntly/forthrightly直译 direct meaning / literal translation相亲 blind date/arranged date相传 to pass on/hand down相似 to resemble/similar/like/相信 to believe相关 interrelated/correlation/dependence/relevance相册 photo album相反 opposite / contrary相声 comic dialogue相处 to get along相对 relatively/comparatively/vis-à-vis相应 corresponding/to correspond相爱 to fall in love相识 to be acquainted相近 close/similar to相通 interconnected/interlinked相遇 to meet/encounter/come across相配 to match/well-suited省 province; to save眉头 eyebrow看 to watch/look at看上 to take a fancy in看守 to guard/watch over看望 to visit/pay a visit to看法 view/opinion看病 to see a doctor看重 to regard as important真 real/really真正 real; genuine真诚 sincere/genuine眼光 gaze/perspective/vision眼熟 familiar-looking/to seem familiar眼睛 eye眼红 to covet/envy/envious眼镜 eyeglasses着急 to feel anxious睡懒觉 to sleep in睡眠 sleep睡觉 to sleep睡过头 to oversleep瞪 to stare at矛盾 contradictory矜持 restrained/reserved知识 intellectual知识 knowledge知识产权 intellectual property知道 to know短 short短暂 brief/temporary短缺 shortage矮 short石窟 grotto矿 mine/ore矿工 miner砍 to chop/cut down研究 a study/research研究 to study/discuss/consider研究 to study/research研究生 graduate student砖 brick破 broken; to break破产 bankrupt破坏 to destroy/damage/undermine破旧 shabby硕士 master's degree硬 hard确切 definite/exact/precise确定 definite/certain/to make sure/confirm确实 indeed确认 to confirm/affirm/acknowledge确证 to prove/corroborate碗 bowl碰 to touch碰到 to come across/run into/meet碳排放 carbon emissions磁带 tape; audio tape示威 demonstration/to demonstrate (protest)示威游行 protest/demonstration示意图 sketch/chart/diagram礼物 gift/present礼貌 courtesy/politeness社交 social interaction/contact社会 society; social社会和谐 harmonious society社会规范 social norms祈祷 to pray/prayer祖先 ancestors祖国 homeland祝 to wish祝愿 to wish祝福 blessings/well wishes祝贺 to congratulate神仙 supernatural being神圣 holy/sacred/divine神秘 mystery神经病 mental disorder神色 expression/look (of one's face)神话 myth票 ticket禁止 forbidden/restricted (internet, entrance)禁止 to prohibit/be prohibited禅 Zen/meditation福利 welfare/benefits福建 Fujian福特 Ford离 away/off/from离开 to leave/depart from离开熟路 off the beaten path秋天 autumn种 meas.… continue reading »

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